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Each and every piece of our Light-Life Jewelry is unique and intended to bring more energy and peace into your life. Jewelry made in the Sacred Cubit measurement may help with the 3-dimensional or physical aspects – while jewelry made with the Lost Cubit measurement may help calm mental and emotional issues.

Earrings: Our earrings come in small and large sizes as well as gold and silver finishes. One earring will be the Sacred Cubit measurement and the other the Lost Cubit. The feedback we’ve gotten is they have helped relieve headaches and have assisted with focus and clarity. Our new Amity Earring design nests a Sacred and a Lost Cubit ring on each earring so that you have both rings on both sides. This only enhances the power of the tensor field as well as looking great!

Venus Mirror Finger Rings: Our Venus Mirror Finger Rings are based on the ancient Vedic medicine concept that gold, silver and copper have beneficial effects on physical health, emotional stability and spiritual clarity. The energy properties of the finger rings seem to depend on which hand or finger they are placed on. The left-hand is the past; the right-hand the present and future – thumbs represent personal will, index fingers represent your professional approach to life, enthusiasm and dedication. Middle fingers represent mental processes what would influence your career, ring fingers are attached to the heart and emotions and little fingers govern outside relationships and your connections to groups of people.

Lotus Pendants: Our Lotus Pendants are a smaller, wearable version of the Seed of Life that will give you the same benefits. The pendant helps you create internal calm and peace.

Pyramid Pendants: The Pyramid Pendant may help to realign and harmonize your energetic matrix that runs throughout your entire energy field, physically, mentally and emotionally. It might bring about an increase in healing in the body, as well as self-awareness and alignment of harmony on all levels. The Pyramid Pendant seems to connect you to the truth of who you are, assist you throughout your life and spiritual journey. Wherever you go, it appears to raise your vibrations as well as those in the environment.

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