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By 1991 Slim Spurling – researcher, artist and inventor had developed a tool that is now known as the Light-Life Tensor Ring.

His journey began during the mid-1980s, when he started studying subtle energy phenomena and related technologies, including the work of Wilhelm Reich (well-known for his research on orgone energy) and Nikola Tesla (inventor of the Tesla Coil). Slim also studied the work done in the 1950s by John Archibald Wheeler, who had discovered that when the ends of a piece of wire are joined in a loop, an energy field is formed. Wheeler referred to this phenomenon as a tensor. At the time of Wheeler’s writing in 1957, there was no known application for the tensor except as a mathematical theory.

Slim Spurling, Bill Reid and others discovered multiple applications for the tensor energy field. Slim’s first Light-Life Tensor Ring became the prototype for Light-Life tensor technology. Tensor technology creates energy fields and, in turn, elevates surrounding energy fields to a higher vibration. The frequency and energy fields generated by the tensor rings resonate at the creation level of energy. The tensor rings bring beneficial life-force energy to everything within their fields. The Light-Life Tensor Rings are superconductors at room temperature and produce positive subtle energy effects. This has been verified by laboratories and a number of different scientists.

When you use Light-Life Tensor Rings to increase the vibrational frequency of energy in and around your body, you promote health, well-being and balance. You also can use this technology to help reduce discomfort and stress, help speed up the recovery process, reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), combat fatigue, relieve allergy symptoms, enhance the flavor and charge water for drinking and watering plants.

In fact, the Light-Life Tensor Rings are known to exhibit a profound effect on water. The light field emitted imparts “livingness” to water, which may enhance your life force when consumed. It is also used to nourish plants and animals. Plants flourish, with fewer pests.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Light-Life Tensor Rings so here are some common uses:

Sit on a ring during your workday to help reduce fatigue and remain focused
Sit on a ring in the car to help reduce fatigue on long road trips
Place a ring in the trunk of your car where you put your groceries to energize them and help keep them fresh
Place a ring under or around your water glass to charge and potentize your water
Place a ring over your fill pipe or outgoing water line to potentize your water
Wear a ring around your wrist to help combat discomfort from overuse
Place a ring over your heart or any area where you’re experiencing, injury or discomfort.
Place a ring around the neck of your pet when it experiences discomfort
Place a ring around your potted plants to help them recover and grow
Place a ring under your massage table or near the chair you use during sessions in order to help speed up the recovery process
Use a ring in combination with an Acu-Vac Coil and a Feedback Loop by hooking them both onto the ring to create super potentized water
Additional measurement information, as it pertains to Light-Life Tensor Rings, specifically:

Sacred Cubit: The Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring is known to have an impact on 3-dimensional or physical conditions. Water placed inside a Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring appears to help cleanse your body of toxins.

Lost Cubit: The Lost Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring appears to operate on a metaphysical level, supporting mental and emotional issues and releasing humans from long-standing mental or emotional challenges.

Empowerment Cubit: The Empowerment Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring seems to work more on the spiritual level and also supports mental clarity.

The Seed of Life: The Seed of Life is a configuration of seven small Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Rings inside a larger Lost Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring. It seems to raise the vibration on a cellular level and support faster recovery. Place it anywhere on your body where you experience discomfort. It may also allow you to clearly see all that is positive in your life. Use it to uplift your consciousness into higher mental states. The energy from the Seed of Life is a gentle inward reminder to see one’s personal truths, instead of letting negative judgments and learned behaviors hold you down.

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