Sacred 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Ring, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

Recommended for more advanced students! The Sacred 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Light-Life Ring, 24K gold plated has a unique design that includes two double twists of copper wire, which is then plated in silver and gold. As with all ½ Sacred Cubit Rings, the radius is approximately 8 cm.

This tool is more advanced than our other Light-Life Rings as far as application. If you have no experience with our products at all, you may want to begin with a standard Sacred, Lost or Empowerment Cubit ring before trying to work with the New Dimension products. If you are in the healing arts this can be an incredible addition to your healing tools collection.

Slim suggested that you use either the Sacred Cubit or the Lost Cubit New Dimension rings at one time. He did not recommend combining the simultaneous use of the Sacred and Lost Cubit New Dimensions rings.

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Sacred 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Ring, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

The Sacred 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K gold plated measures approximately 8 cm in diameter and may help:

  • Connect with the third eye
  • Strengthen your psychic abilities

The Sacred Cubit New Dimension Ring will affect your personal life, body and intuitive abilities. Intended for someone who wants to strengthen their psychic abilities, this ring is reported to allow you to see through different dimensions.

This ring consists of two double twists of copper wire which are then plated with silver and gold and are based on the principle of all of the rings using sacred geometry.

Slim Spurling noted that “the results of this research indicated that the (New Dimension) rings seem to have a strong grounding of the body while allowing the energy to flow where it is needed.” He noted that “the energy field of these rings seems to extend past the tensor field into the peripheral or outer edge of the rings shown vibrantly in the rings’ aura.”

Some of the new (field) reports claim the New Dimension Ring seems to create a strong energy sense of the 8th Chakra (the one immediately above the crown). The energy seems to start there and work its way down. You may feel a wave of emotions a few hours after this, as it appears to cause a cleansing and/or adjustment to happen. The New Dimension Ring appears to “plug into” the emotional and mental areas and appears to enhance positive qualities.

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