Dowsing– use your senses to find energy lines and use them to your advantage

Dowsing – a 1000s of -years-old science that helps to identify positive and negative energy lines. Dowsing isn’t magic, even though no one really understands how and why it works. But those who are interested and eager to learn can learn dowsing easily.

Dowsing – a rediscovered tool

It is a known fact that everything, living or not, emits certain energy. There are people who are very sensitive and can feel these energies better than others. If someone wants to make a connection between consciousness and subconscious, then dowsing might be just the thing for them.

However, professional dowsers achieve such good results detecting water or oil deposits that the method – even if not yet scientifically proven – is difficult to dispute. In North America and Russia, dowsing is used to find lucrative oil deposits.

The art of dowsing can lead to increased well-being

The health-oriented person will go to great lengths to feel comfortable in his home. Nowadays, in both the US and around the world, it is quite common – before building a house to invite a dowser to track down water veins and to situate the house in an optimal place. The goal is to find the healthiest location… It is less common to use the arts to find negative earth lines, also called geopathic zones, and then neutralize them. But both are effective.

Which geopathic zones can you find through dowsing?

Anyone who has attended a dowsing class can easily learn to dowse and achieve good results. Almost everything can serve as a dowsing rod. Branches of certain tree species such as willow, ash, or apple, a pendulum, or even your own body can be used. Many find the L-rod an even better choice because it simply sits well in the hand and helps to identify geopathic zones more quickly. It can also indicate the direction in which the lines run. Here you can feel various forms of natural radiation from underground. Mainly you discover water veins, geopathic zones, and fault zones.

Why is dowsing so beneficial to our well-being?

Just as some people have a special gift for picking up on certain energies more easily than others, some people can also notice when they’re sleeping over a water vein. There are even people who sleep so poorly that there simply is no natural explanation for it. It’s only by dowsing that you find that the bed is above a negative earth line.

Interesting fact: In nature, animals feel geopathic stress zones, too. Thus, they choose their places to sleep according to their preferences. Some animals prefer sleeping places over earth magnetic fields – cats, bees, ants, or snakes for example. Others prefer to spend their nights in low-radiation areas. Dogs, pigs, sheep, horses, and birds are among the so-called radiation avoiders.

Although the harmful effect of earth radiation is considered scientifically controversial, it is still a very fascinating topic. If you’re interested in the Slim Spurling method of finding and neutralizing geopathic stress zones with the help of dowsing, why not participate in our next Workshop?

Many so-called experts have not yet heard of this method and still claim that all you have to do is move your furniture in order to live or sleep in a trouble-free area. However, the Slim Spurling method works. Not only is it efficient, it’s also cost effective and can make your life more livable. It has been extensively tested on all continents and has a large following.