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The Energy Harmonizer is an active tool designed to keep energy continuously moving, producing a large toroidal field around it. Slim combined rings and a coil and shaped them into a 3-dimensional globe that creates a unique flow of energy. Clairvoyants say they emit a coherent holographic light field. All of our Energy Harmonizers appear to have the unique property of generating a harmonious field around them, cleaning up air pollution, encouraging plant growth and raising consciousness.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Energy Harmonizers. Here are some common uses:

Wear a Personal Energy Harmonizer as jewelry or put it in your pocket to protect your energy field and have an unmistakable effect on the people in your vicinity
Place an Energy Harmonizer within your home or business to encourage clarity, harmony and to help reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
Play the included Environmental Clearing CD to activate your Energy Harmonizer (to substantially increase its power and radius)
Activate your Environmental Energy Harmonizer to perhaps reduce the effects of chemtrails
Activate your Environmental or Agricultural Energy Harmonizer to help divert tornadoes or hurricanes
Use your Environmental or Agricultural Energy Harmonizer to encourage plant growth without fertilizers
Program positive intentions into the Energy Harmonizer to send them out to the universe
Recharge the Energy Harmonizer by putting it in the included Light-Life Tensor Ring overnight on occasion
We’ve created several Energy Harmonizers including Personal, Environmental, Agricultural, Matrix, and Storm Chaser. Just as with our other products the larger the tool, the larger its resulting energy field. The heavier the gauge of the wire – the stronger the energy field. The smaller tools are just as effective as the larger ones, they simply have a smaller radius of influence and may take longer to produce similar effects.

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