Light-Life Tools – to bring more energy into your life

The Light-Life Tools were created with passion and dedication by Slim Spurling. They consist primarily of copper wire, and are made individually and by hand in defined lengths and shapes. Depending on the type of Light-Life Tool they are either 24 kt gold-plated or silver-plated. The active part of the ring is the empty space in the middle – an invisible energy field. This is called a tensor field. The first Light-Life Ring was developed by Slim in 1991.

Why Light-Life Tools are so useful today

In our daily lives, we constantly need energy and strength. But what can we do when we are exhausted and no longer feel up to the task?

In the modern world, demands are steadily increasing. We strive to do everything faster and more efficiently. At some point we may feel exhausted, powerless and out of balance. The reality is that we hear more and more often that someone is suffering from burnout – a disease mostly caused by stress.

Light-Life Tools are an ingenious development to bring more energy back into your life. The IX-EL International GmbH uses energy fields of light in combination with sacred geometry and quantum physics to support energy work.

What can the Light-Life Tools influence?

Quantum physics teaches us that everything is light. Light is also energy, and scientifically, all energy is interconnected. All life is affected by earth energy and life energy. The energy fields affect people, animals and plants. People always strive for the highest possible energy level, although not everyone achieves it. Earth energy, which can be felt positively or negatively, have a direct impact on our environment. Accordingly, earth energy can have an invigorating, neutral or negative effect on our health, well-being and social relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could direct the energy in the right direction, so that it has a positive effect on your well-being, harmony and vitality?

Unfortunately, there are other negative sources of energy in today’s world, such as air pollution, contaminated water and electromagnetic fields. These negative energy fields rob us of strength, harmony and energy.

Slim Spurling did not want to accept that. With passion and dedication, he researched and created tools and resources that could be used as alternative ways of promoting personal well-being. This was made possible by the tensor field in the Light-Life Rings and other Light-Life tools.

The history of the development of the Light-Life Tools

Rather by chance than by intention, the first Light-Life Ring was created in 1991. Now, there are two important features of the rings – the dimension and the rotation of the wire. Three different dimensions are used in the manufacture of the rings – Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit and Empowerment Cubit. These special cubit lengths – based on the original measurements from the Great Pyramids in Egypt – make the energy fields vibrate at different levels. You can develop a very positive energy field with the Light-Life Tools, which has a beneficial effect on all matter. The rings transform this field into light and have a harmonizing effect on the environment.

Light-Life Tools can provide an easy and powerful solution to many of today’s problems.

Now there is much more than just Light-Life Rings. Popular Light-Life Tools include the Acu-Vac Coil, the Feedback Loop and the Energy Harmonizers. IX-EL, Inc. is the only authorized manufacturer to sell the original Light-Life Tools according to Slim Spurling’s research. They are constantly developing new tools that have the same objective:

To make a positive contribution to everyone.

What contribution can Light-Life Tools make to your energy?

On a personal level, many of our clients feel more relaxed and balanced when using our products. The potentizing of drinking water also has a positive effect on well-being. Many rely on the power of the tools, not only on a personal level, but in their environment as well. The lush greenery of indoor plants of enthusiastic users is just an example.

A look to the future

It was always Slim Spurling’s vision to make a positive contribution to the world. Creating his harmonizing tools was only the beginning. Since his transition in 2007, his wife Katharina Spurling-Kaffl continues his life’s work and shared vision. In his spirit, she and her team create the energy-giving Light-Life Tools. She also works with her team to develop new Light-Life Tools that also rely on sacred geometry and quantum physics to aid Earth’s constant changes. She conducts workshops every year to demonstrate the multiple applications of the Light-Life Tools.

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