Electromagnetic Waves – not visible, but can often be felt

Electromagnetic waves surround us everywhere. But what exactly are electromagnetic waves? In physics, H. Hertz has been intensively concerned with the existence of these waves and their propagation since 1886. He succeeded in generating these himself with the help of electrical oscillating circuits – in the so-called Hertzian experiments. He found out that electromagnetic waves are identical to the properties of light waves.
But we don’t want to explain the merging of optics and electromagnetism to you in detail. Even if it was one of the greatest physical discoveries of the 19th century. Rather, we would like to deal with where electromagnetic waves are present in everyday life. Classified according to their wavelength, there are radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays.


Electromagnetic Waves – what effect on our wellbeing?

These electromagnetic waves surround us everywhere. Whether it is radiation from wireless telephones, cellular radio stations, or cell phones. We use these devices every day. Above all, the frequency of cell phones is very sensitive to our brain. Because with a very low oscillation of 1 to 100 Hertz, these are in the microwave range. Human brain waves and natural earth vibrations are around 8 Hertz. So it is not surprising that some people feel disturbed in some way. Eventually, the vibrations can penetrate into the subconscious of the person.
It is scientifically controversial that electrical and magnetic fields have a harmful effect on our well-being. But many people feel very differently. The rays make them feel less relaxed.
Of course, you don’t want to imagine a life completely without modern telephony. But wouldn’t it be nice if we felt a lot more relaxed? Even if we are in the same room with laptops, smartphones, and tablets?
Our tip for the phone: The Phone Ring Set – as many users report – makes telephoning more relaxed again. It also seems to do a good job when it comes to the effects of electromagnetic radiation. We can offer you our new development of the Phone Ring Set, which can offer a higher level of shielding against 5G technology. Series of tests by the recognized building biologist and geologist, Reinhard Becker, have shown positive results.

Where else do we encounter electromagnetic waves in our everyday life?

Electric waves or magnetic fields are often referred to as electrosmog in everyday life. This is a new word creation. The terms “electric” and “smog” are fused together. Now the electrosmog describes the electrical dirt mist. These waves are omnipresent. Be it from the radio, television, radio or induction hobs.

However, it has been proven that electromagnetic fields can generate electrical currents in the human body. From a certain strength, these nerves and muscles would irritate. That is why there is a limit value for electric and magnetic fields in Europe. But as with all guidelines, this only applies to normally sensitive people. Now there are also people who are simply more sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Man is not an identical product. Everyone feels and reacts differently.


Do you feel that you belong to the Group of electrosensitive people?

Then it makes sense to keep the exposure as low as possible. Unfortunately, they cannot be avoided entirely. But with our silver-plated Sacred Cubit Environmental Harmonizers, you feel less of the effects of the electromagnetic waves in your home or workplace.