Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, Copper, Silver Plated

The Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, silver plated is a combining of Tensor Rings and an Acu-Vac Coil that makes for a unique piece of jewelry that’s also an energy tool. If you’re energy sensitive it can be quite an experience.

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Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer, Copper, Silver Plated

Our Empowerment Cubit Personal Energy Harmonizer measures about 2.5 cm H x 4 cm W, comes on an adjustable satin cord and may help to:

  • Encourage the opening of the mind
  • Strengthen your personal bio-field
  • Positively affect you and the people around you

This tool may help create ease and harmony! It’s a tool that you wear like jewelry, but users report it seems to have an effect on your personal space. The Personal Harmonizers are miniatures of the Environmental and Agricultural Harmonizers, being 1/8 of the Empowerment Cubit length. This Harmonizer comes with a ½ Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring with 1 bead that can be placed around it overnight on occasion to shut down its range of influence and/or to clear it. The base is copper followed by nine alternating coatings of silver and 24K gold, beginning and ending in silver.


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