Sacred 1/2 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, Copper

A small tool that packs a mighty punch! The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring is made of twisted copper wire and has a diameter of about 8 cm.

People asked Slim Spurling to make a utilitarian ring for outdoor use. As a result, he started producing Plain Jane Light-Life Tensor Rings in early 2000. Farmers have used them on irrigation systems and they are also placed over outdoor outlets and on smart meters to reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields. The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring  can be either laid directly over the sprinkler system or over the garden hose.

Some people place it over the gas filler neck on their car and after a few tanks report better gas mileage.

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Sacred 1/2 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, Copper

The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, copper measures about 8 cm in diameter and is designed and reported to:

  • Works effectively for outdoor applications (i.e. to energize water when placed over water hoses or irrigation systems and block negative EMFs emitting from smart meters)
  • May help increase fuel economy

This is a utilitarian copper ring which is best used for field applications, such as agriculture or gardening or for placing on waterlines to generally improve the quality of water for plants or animals or ourselves. The ring may develop a patina, but its function is not affected.

Users report that the tool has a variety of uses:

  • Users report an increase in fuel economy when the ring is paced over the gas tank spout when the vehicle is refueled.
  • Animals prefer Sacred Cubit Ring enhanced water to tap water. Bird baths may need to be refilled 2 – 3 times more often with ring-treated water.
  • Water hardness may improve when either a 1/2 or 1 Sacred Cubit Ring on the main and branch lines for city water and over the well head and lines on well water.

This Tensor Ring is made out of twisted copper wire and weighs less than 30 grams.

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