Sacred 1 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, Copper

The ring with endless uses! The Sacred 1 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, copper is used more outdoors. The action of all Light-Life Tensor Rings lies inside the ring itself. The tensor field is said to appear as a column of light emanating from both sides. The Plain Jane Rings are better suited for outdoor projects and work well for placing over smart meters, since the diameter measures about 15.8 cm. People use these rings in agricultural operations or over a lawn sprinkler. You can put these rings directly in the hole as you’re planting bushes or put it under a flower pot.

The applications of the Sacred 1 Cubit Plain Jane Light-Life Tensor Ring seems to be limited only by our imagination.

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Sacred 1 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring, Copper

The Sacred 1 Cubit Plain Jane Tensor Ring in copper measures about 15.8 cm in diameter and is designed and reported to:

  • Works effectively for outdoor applications such as to energize water when placed over water hoses or irrigation systems for crop growth
  • Blocks EMFs emitting from smart meters
  • Remove discomfort and/or support healing for cats, dogs, or any other household pet
  • Animals prefer Sacred Cubit Ring enhanced water over tap water.
  • Horses that drank this ring-treated water in Eagle, Colorado enjoyed a 70% reduction in vet expenses and became calmer

This is a utilitarian copper ring which is best used for field applications. The ring may develop a patina, but its function is not affected.

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