Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant

The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant is made of copper and silver plated and is approximately 8.89 cm across. You can wear as a pendant and /or use it in session to place over areas of discomfort. It comes on an adjustable cord that is easily removed.

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Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant

The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant may help balance your chakras! This pendant is a multi-use tool. You can certainly wear it as a pendant, but it also serves well as a tool for practitioners. They report placing it on chakras to help balance them as well as laying it on areas of discomfort. To raise the vibration in an area, you can hang it up and all those Tensor Rings will boost the frequency.

Practitioners seem to be drawn to the more subtle energy they feel from the silver plated tools. This is also true of those who are energetically sensitive.

Our feedback is that it may:

  • Help make healing sessions more effective
  • Raise the vibrations of a room

Clear it between uses and clients by passing your hand over it north to south – east to west. The base of this pendant is copper, followed by alternating layers of silver and 24K gold, beginning with silver and ending with silver.


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