Lost 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant Silver Plated

This Lost 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant is made of copper then silver-plated. It measures about 5 cm across and comes on an adjustable satin cord.

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Lost 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant Silver Plated

Our Lost 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant, silver plated is a tool with multiple uses. The feedback we get is that the Lost Cubit seems to influence mental/emotional matters. Practitioners and people who are energetically sensitive seem to gravitate toward the silver tools. They report the energy is gentler and more subtle.

To keep the energy of the pendant for yourself, wear it so the ring is on the outside. If you want the energy transmitted out around you, wear the ring against your body. People who wear this pendant say it may:

  • May help you to connect to higher realms
  • Receive and hold your intention

To clear the energy between use or wearers, pass your hand over it north to southeast to west. Don’t go in a circular motion as that can disrupt the energy.

This Pendant is made of copper and plated with nine alternating layers of silver and 24K gold. The plating begins with silver and ends with silver.

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