Pyramid Pendant, 24K Gold Plated

This Pyramid Pendant, 24K gold plated may assist to realign and harmonize your energetic field as it flows through your physical body and through your mental and emotional bodies as well.

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Pyramid Pendant, 24K Gold Plated

Our Pyramid Pendant, 24K gold plated is 1 cm H x 1/2 cm W and comes on an adjustable satin cord so it may be worn as a necklace. It may assist in re-establishing harmony so that you are flowing with your energies on all levels. It is reported by users to bring about a greater increase in well-being in the body, as well as self-awareness and alignment of harmony on all levels.

This gold-plated pyramid pendant could also be useful for people who work a lot with large groups who are not always in a positive mood. The Pyramid Pendant 24kt gold-plated was developed to bring more harmony and balance into our immediate personal environment. The Pendant is made of copper followed by eight coatings of silver and  24K gold, beginning with silver and ending with gold.

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