Sacred 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant

This Sacred 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant is made of copper then silver plated and measures about 4.445 cm across. It comes on an adjustable satin cord. This Pendant may help:

  • Manage physical issues
  • Provide encouragement during grief process
  • Increase self-confidence

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Sacred 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant

Our Sacred 1/4 Cubit Lotus Pendant, silver plated is most closely associated with affecting the physical realm. Our information from people who wear this pendant is that it helps to create a state of well-being. Katharina has stated that wearing this pendant helped support her through periods of grief.

Practitioners help patients clear and balance chakras by placing the pendant over them for periods of time. Wearing it so the ring is on the outside, keeps the energy of the pendant for yourself. Putting the ring next to your body allows the energy to radiate outward.

It includes a Sacred 1/4 Cubit Tensor Ring with three fixed beads attached to it. The Pendant’s base is copper. It has nine alternating layers of silver and 24K gold. The layer first start with silver and then end in silver.

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