Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant

The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant, 24K gold plated, was created to help elevate energy within yourself and your immediate environment. This is a great Light-Life Tool for practitioners in the healing arts!

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Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant

This Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant, 24K gold plated, may help elevate the energy in a room! This Pendant is based on the Seed of Life – just smaller. We call this a pendant, but it’s normally used as a tool in healing sessions.

Many practitioners agree and have described it as helping speed up session times. Our feedback is that it may:

  • Be more effective with physical matters
  • Improve the energy in a room

It is created from a Sacred ½ Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring with seven Sacred ¼ Cubit Tensor Rings arranged in the lotus pattern. Slim Spurling believed the overlapping of Rings intensifies the energy field. The Pendant’s Base is copper. It has eight alternating layers of silver and 24K gold. The layers start with silver and then end in 24K gold. The Sacred 1/2 Cubit Lotus Pendant is made of copper and 24K gold plated. It measures about 8.89 cm across, and although it comes on an adjustable satin cord, it’s a bit large for most people to wear as a pendant.

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