Slim Spurling's Universe 2 DVD Set

Slim Spurlings Universe DVD set is an audio visual testimony to the truths and wonder surrounding modern day science evolved from mystical ancient science dating back to the pyramids of Egypt, including an introduction on using the tools and the application of them.

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Slim Spurling's Universe 2 DVD Set

Slim Spurling’s Universe 2 DVD Set was created to compliment the book Slim Spurling’s Universe and will help you discover practical everyday uses for the Light-Life Tools.

  • Learn about the function and application of Light-Life Tools
  • Listen to the discovery of the Tensor Rings
  • Find out about the history behind the technology

Learn or refresh you memory with Hours of insight as shared by Slim Spurling and Cal Garrison, including a session with the Light-Life® Tools demonstrating effect, with graphic examples of theory, verifiable data, and references.

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