Geobiology, Dowsing, Light-Life Tools DVD

With this DVD, learn:

  • What a geopathic stress zone is
  • How to use dowsing to find these negative energy zones
  • Some history behind Light-Life Tools
  • How the Tensor Rings work

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Geobiology, Dowsing, Light-Life Tools DVD

On this video, Slim Spurling explains and demonstrates dowsing. This is for beginner dowsers who want to get started today.

Slim Spurling gives you the information to help eliminate health issues due to geopathic stress zones and the Hartmann Grid. Health issues can appear in the form of stress, chronic discomforts, fatigues, unstable relationships, financial situations, decreased business productivity, and so much more. Geopathic stress zones can be man-made or naturally occurring. Oftentimes, these zones are near earthquake faults, underground streams, landfills, cell phone towers, power plants, and more.

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