Environmental Clearing CD

Place any of our Light-Life® Harmonizers in front of your speakers, or place headphones or ear buds around the Harmonizer while playing this Environmental Clearing CD seems to expand the Harmonizer’s energy field significantly. Users say if you operate the CD 24/7 at low volume it appears to help eliminate air pollution and other toxins in the environment.

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Environmental Clearing CD

The Environmental Clearing CD is carefully chosen audio frequencies that are the molecular frequencies of pure water. It’s not musical; rather it is purely technical set of frequencies produced as a representation of the frequency of water molecules in a cloud. This sound is said to expand the energy field of a Harmonizer.  It comes with all but the Personal Harmonizers.

Many users send us positive feedback when they have played this CD when there is disharmony in the environment, whether from an incoming storm or even an argument or tension at home or the office.

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