Unseen Venus Finger Ring

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Unseen Venus Finger Ring


The  Unseen Venus Finger RIng has been designed and reported to create a radiant field that promotes well-being. To acknowledge the light is to have it grow and create an even larger field around you. This ring’s beauty lies in the simplicity of its design. It consists of one strand of twisted, forged sterling silver.

Although the design of this ring is fairly simple, it’s metaphysical properties are profound. The Venus Finger Rings came into existence when Slim came in contact with an alchemist from Canada. He suggested that we try hammering the coiled metal strands to further increase their effect. The rings were also based upon the ancient Vedic medicine concept that gold, silver and copper have beneficial effects on physical, emotional and mental health.

Whereas gold is the metal of the sun, silver is the metal of the moon. Wearing a silver ring is said to harness the power of the moon’s protection, offering the wearer a calming and balancing sensation. Because the Venus Finger Ring is hammered, the moon attraction is amplified.


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