Primal Venus Finger Ring

The Primal Venus Finger Ring was created by Slim Spurling with the help and guidance of a clairvoyant. The intent behind their creation was to facilitate the development of particular traits that a individual may wish to acquire or change.

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Primal Venus Finger Ring


The Primal Venus Finger Ring ring consists of one strand of twisted, forged sterling silver with an open circle as part of the design. It embodies the alchemical, astrological and mythical symbol of Venus, the Venus’ Mirror. It also resembles the Ankh of Egypt bent round, forming a circle. Venus is a natural creative force that informs the physical world. These rings are said to embody the alchemical, astrological and mythical symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.

According to palm reading, reflexology and acupuncture, a certain energy field runs through each finger. We suggest that you consult these texts when making a decision about what finger to adorn with this beautiful ring. These are observations Slim  acquired over the years:

Left Hand = Past
Right Hand = Present and Future
Thumb = Personal Will
Index Finger = Business or Professional Approach, Enthusiasm and Dedication
Middle Finger = Career
Ring Finger = Heart and Emotions
Little Finger = Outside Relationships



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