Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Small

Our handmade earrings enhance beauty inside and out! Our exquisite Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Small enhance the wearer not only from an aesthetic perspective, but may also provide a sense of inner peace, awareness and harmony. The combination of the Sacred and Lost cubit measurements are said to bring about an even deeper sense of balance, peace and harmony to whomever wears them.

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Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Small

Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, small are about 2 cm (Sacred Cubit) and 2.5 cm (Lost Cubit) diameter. (Each earring is meant to be a different size.)

These earrings are designed and reported by users to:

  • Relieve headaches
  • Help balance body and mind
  • Enhance awareness
We recommend using your intuition for the best uses for you!

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