Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Large

Handmade earrings with a purpose: body and mind. Our new Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Large are not only a work of functional art, but are reported to offer a multitude of health benefits. Created with both the Sacred and Lost cubit measurements, wearers claim that the healing power of these earrings has brought them a deep sense of harmony, peace and balance. They may also help reduce headaches and increase awareness.

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Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, Large

The Sterling Silver Amity Earrings, large are about 4 cm (Inner Ring – Sacred Cubit) and about 4.5 cm (Outer Ring – Lost Cubit) diameter, with a 1/4 Sacred Cubit tensor ring and a 1/4 Lost Cubit tensor ring.

The Sterling Silver Amity Earrings seem to:

  • Ease tension
  • Relieve headaches
  • Help balance body and mind
We recommend using your imagination and intuition for the best uses for you!

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