Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop, 24K Gold Plated

Soothe what ails you! The Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop, 24K gold plated is similar to the Acu-Vac Coil in that it can be helpful with physical ailments. Many users have reported this tool is great for relieving the body of discomfort.

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Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop, 24K Gold Plated

Our Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop 24K gold plated measures about 7 cm L x 5 cm W. It seems to draw out detrimental energy and immediately put back beneficial. We have reports that it may:

  • Be used in combination with an Acu-Vac Coil and a tensor Ring to potentize water
  • Help best with physical issues

Used alone or in combinations with other tools, it’s small enough to carry around – but powerful. The Feedback Loop’s base is copper. A layer of silver and a layer of 24K gold follow.

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