Sacred 2 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

This heavier gauge produces a stronger effect! The Sacred Cubit Heavy Light-Life Tensor Ring – 2 Cubit, 24K gold plated is a ring that many use to help in their meditation practice. The thicker gauge wire makes this ring more powerful than the rings with beads because the tensor field is denser. Bodyworkers like using the heavier gauge rings because the sessions don’t seem to take as long.

The gold plating on the Sacred 1 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring is said to add a higher frequency to the field. The diameter of this ring is about 33 cm.

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Sacred 2 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

The Sacred 2 Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring, 24K gold plated measures about 33 cm in diameter and is made with a heavier gauge copper wire and may:

  • Help best with physical issues
  • Help avoid fatigue and stiffness during long distance drives by sitting on the ring
  • Help to contain EMFs

The Sacred Cubit is an ancient measurement found in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Its ancient technology has been revitalized for daily use with the invention of the Light-Life Tools.

The Sacred Cubit is associated with the physical plane and environment. It is reported to help potentize water, alleviate pain, make food taste better and reduce the effects of harmful EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields). This is a ring that belongs in everyone’s tool kit!

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