Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, Copper, Silver Plated

The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, silver-plated, may help reduce air pollution, neutralize EMF, and geopathic stress. It may also support emotional well-being, support and strengthen your personal bio-field, and help you remain calm and grounded in times of turbulence.

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Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, Copper, Silver Plated

This tool may help with EMFs and radiation! The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, silver-plated is a combination of our Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring and our Lost Cubit Tensor Ring wrapped around an Acu-Vac Coil. The tool came came about after a customer noted that when the two cubit lengths were combined they seemed to have an even more powerful effect. Where the larger Cosmic Washtub Energy Harmonizer was designed using 1 Cubit Tensor Rings, the Matrix 22 uses ½ Sacred and Lost Cubit rings – hence the name Matrix 22. We call these double Energy Harmonizers, and it’s felt that combining the various cubit measurements really amps up the power of the toroidal light field.

We include an Environmental Clearing and Kings Chamber CD along with a 1 Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring to place the Matrix 22 in overnight on occasion to clear the energy.

The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, silver plated measures about 10.16 cm H x 11.5 cm W. The Harmonizer’s base is copper with nine alternating coatings of silver and 24K gold. The first layer is silver, and it ends with silver.

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