Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold-plated may help provide an improvement in overall health and support emotional well-being. It is reported to help with air pollution reduction as well as create a harmonious environment for everyone.

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Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

This double Energy Harmonizer really packs a punch! The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated is a combination of our Sacred Cubit and our Lost Cubit Tensor Rings wrapped around an Acu-Vac Coil. It’s half the size of a Cosmic Washtub which uses 1 cubit lengths.

Our feedback has shown that it affects the earth as well as the sky and creates a beautiful multi-leveled matrix of light around wherever it is placed. Not only is this powerful tool reported to help with environmental concerns, but it may also help the user reap benefits emotionally as well. This Harmonizer’s energetic pattern is like outward flowing ocean waves and ongoing studies strongly suggest that its frequencies enhance the subtle energy bodies of all living things. We hear it may help with:

  • Supporting plant growth and soil
  • Harmonizing your community

The Environmental Clearing CD, Kings Chamber and a 1/2 Empowerment Heavy Tensor Ring are included. Place the Matrix 22 in the ring overnight on occasion to clear the energy.

The Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated measures about 10.16 cm H x 11.5 cm. The Harmonizer’s base is copper. Eight coatings of silver and 24K gold follow. The layers start with silver and end with 24K gold.


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