Lost 1/2 Cubit New DimensionTensor Ring – Copper, Silver Plated

A metaphysical powerhouse! A The Lost 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Tensor Ring, silver plated is said by users to help clear stagnant energies so your body becomes aligned and functions properly. It may also help stimulate brain activity.

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Lost 1/2 Cubit New DimensionTensor Ring – Copper, Silver Plated

The Lost 1/2 Cubit New Dimension Ring, silver plated seems to:

  • Activate more of the brain
  • Increase psychic interpretations

If you have not worked with any of the Light-Life Tools before we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with our standard Sacred Cubit or Lost Cubit Rings. The New Dimension Rings are advanced Light-Life Tools, and we only recommend them to healing professionals. This New Dimension Ring is a metaphysical powerhouse reported to help you clear out past traumas or pain that no longer serves you. The n ring will open up to the bigger picture – what is happening globally, as well as what is far reaching in the universe.

This ring measures about 3.5“ and utilizes two double twisted copper wires plated in silver and gold, which are then coiled around each other. These two double twists of copper are based on the principle of all rings. This Ring’s base is copper followed by a layer of silver, a layer of 24K gold, and then a layer of silver.

Slim suggested that you use either the Sacred Cubit or the Lost Cubit New Dimension rings at one time. He did not recommend combining the simultaneous use of the Sacred and Lost Cubit New Dimensions rings.

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