Sacred 2 Cubit Tensor Ring, Copper, 5 Beads

Some people put this Sacred Cubit  in the pocket behind the driver’s seat. Users say the effect of the ring seems to go in both directions so the driver is in the tensor field, as well as the traffic in front of and behind him. It’s reported that if you sit on it you feel a lot less stressed when driving long distances. Of course, we can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but it might be worth a try!

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Sacred 2 Cubit Tensor Ring, Copper, 5 Beads

The Sacred 2 Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, 5 beads ring measures about 34 cm in diameter and may help::

  • Protect against harmful EMFs
  • In many outdoor applications
  • Neutralize harmful EMFs when placed over electronics

This is a utilitarian copper ring and is reported to be best used for field applications, such as agriculture or gardening. The ring may develop a patina, but its function is not affected.


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