The Pyramid Unit Environmental, 24K gold plated is a stand-alone device that people report likes to be placed in a home somewhere that it can be left alone. The energy field is said to flow throughout the home if set up this way.

In sacred geometry the triangle represents fire, which in turn ties to the 3rd chakra or the solar plexus which deals with personal power and your core. The double tetrahedron design makes this piece self-clearing, so no ring is needed.


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This Pyramid Unit Environmental, 24K gold plated consists of 2 – tetrahedrons or triangular pyramids put together with an Acu-Vac Coil running up through the center. It measures about 5″ H X 2 3/4″ W and once it’s placed in your house, people say it’s best to just leave it to its power.

The pyramid unit can help to realign and harmonize your energetic matrix, which runs through your entire energy field as well as through the mental and emotional body. The energy field seems to work its way through the house room by room.
The pyramid can help to increase its vibrations and bring its light back into the consciousness to uplift physical, mental and emotional harmony. So that you pulsate with brilliant light to lift the vibration not just of yourself but everywhere you go.

he Pyramid Unit 24K Gold plated for travels.

We got the opportunity to test this. One of our customers traveled with a group on a peace mission to the Middle East, to the war zone Israel / Palestine. We gave him a pyramid unit for the trip. He reported that the trip was exceptionally peaceful and harmonious.

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