Nose Mask, Copper

The Copper Nose Mask may help you breathe easier. Do you suffer from allergies? Asthma? Chronic sinus infections? Then this might be the right tool for you.

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Nose Mask, Copper

The Nose Mask, copper, seems to ionize the air breathed in when placed on the face. The Nose Mask is constructed in such a manner that it becomes a superconductor and naturally carries a high current of electrons with no voltage. It is not harmful to the body, but helpful. This energy might aid in producing ionized oxygen. We found that the copper puts off negative ions, which in turn are positive for the body. Breathing through the Nose Mask has been compared to breathing in the cool ocean air, which may help the wearer breathe easier. Individuals with allergies have found great relief wearing it.

The Nose Mask is made of twisted copper wire.


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