Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring – Copper, Silver Plated

Great tool for advanced practitioners! The Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring, silver plated, is an advanced Light-Life Tool. Therefore, practitioners in the healing arts are reported to be more able to take their sessions to the next level.

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Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring – Copper, Silver Plated

The Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Light-Life Ring – 1 Cubit, silver plated may help:

  • Connect with your Third Eye
  • Strengthen your psychic abilities

This tool has two double twisted wires coiled around each other to enhance the ring and add more dimension. If you have no experience with our products at all, you may want to begin with a standard Sacred, Lost or Empowerment Cubit ring before trying to work with the New Dimension products. However, if you are in the healing arts this can be an incredible addition to your healing tools.

The Lost 1 Cubit New Dimension Ring, silver plated measures about 19 cm across and uses two double twisted copper wires plated in silver and gold, which are then coiled around each other. This Ring’s base is copper followed by a layer of silver, a layer of 24K gold, and then a layer of silver. Slim suggested that you use either the Sacred Cubit or the Lost Cubit New Dimension rings at one time. He did not recommend combining the simultaneous use of the Sacred and Lost Cubit New Dimensions rings.


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