Light-Life Practitioner Set

Water is the nectar of life! Did you know your body is composed of up to 65% water? Nothing is more important than learning the impact intention has on water and on your body. Using the Light-Life Tools in this practitioner set can super-potentize your water. Super-potenizing your water is said to improve health, reduce stress, reduce discomfort and create balance. 

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Light-Life Practitioner Set

Our Light-Life Practitioner Set gives you a chance to experience all three tools listed below when they’re used in combination AND to use each tool on its own.

This set includes:
1. A 1 Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring, copper, 24K gold plated, 3 beads.
2. A Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coil, copper, 24K gold plated, wire inside.
3. A Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Feedback Loop, copper, 24K gold plated.

The uses for the three tools are endless! One of the main applications when they are used in combination is to super-potentize water to detoxify your body which results in more energy, reduced appetite, and requiring less sleep.Slim Spurling describes this combination as follows:

One of the early combinations we used was for potentizing water using a coil hooked onto a Feedback Loop. The Feedback Loop was then hooked into a 24K gold plated ring. This combination drew out the negative energy from a container of water. What we found, by radionics testing and by direct experience, was that if we place water in a configuration like this for a period of twelve hours, the potency or the vitality – the energy quantity in the water – goes off the radionics scale, goes clear off the scale. On experimental application – in other words, just drinking nothing but that water for the next week – you’ll find that your requirement for food will go down, your energy level will go up, and your requirement for sleep will be reduced considerably. So, these are effects that we observed both personally and through the reports of many, many other people. We call this the super-potentizing configuration.

The overall potency, or the number of atoms affected, increases over time. And if you leave the jug sitting there and refill it periodically, it’s always ready. The texture of the water changes. It’s softer, milder, and there’s a completely different flavor. And usually within a few minutes to a half hour on a large quantity of water, the chlorine odor completely disappears. I can’t say if that’s normal or natural, but certainly you can’t taste or smell any odors coming from water that’s set in a ring for a short time. Ice even melts faster.

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