Eye mask, Copper, Silver Plated

We have received comments from users reporting amazing results alleviating headaches and migraines within minutes after putting on the Eye Mask, silver plated. Give it a try and let us know how this tool  works for you!

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Eye mask, Copper, Silver Plated

The Eye Mask Silver Plated was originally developed for a young boy who had eye problems. He would place the Light-Life Nose Mask over his eye for relief. Katharina then developed the Eye Mask which allows you to wear the device like eye glasses. Wearing this for only five minutes a day is said to improve eyesight. We are not doctors and cannot make any guarantees about whether or by how much your eyesight will improve. We encourage you to try it for yourself!

The Eye Mask is made out of copper wire. It is then plated with a layer of silver, a layer of 24K gold, and then another layer of silver. It comes with an adjustable elastic strap.

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