Community Empowerment Cubit Energy Harmonizer, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

The Empowerment Cubit Community Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated, may help you connect to the source of energy and spirituality. Additionally, it was designed to create harmony within yourself and your environment, and therefore, may have positive effects on you and those within your vicinity.

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Community Empowerment Cubit Energy Harmonizer, Copper, 24K Gold Plated

The Community Empowerment Cubit Energy Harmonizer, 24K gold plated is about 10% larger than the Lost Cubit and also has a higher frequency. The 1 Empowerment Cubit Tensor Ring fits over almost everybody’s head and is reported to support mental clarity and focus, and just might help connect you with your own light and love inside of you. This is based on the feedback we get from customers who experiment with this measurement. Users also say the harmonizer helps:

  • Enhance positive intentions
  • Harmonize communities on all levels
  • Affect you and people in your vicinity positively

It is the newest Energy Harmonizer (initially called the “New Cubit” Agricultural Harmonizer) and its energy field radius of influence is still under research. We do know that the radius exceeds all other Agricultural Harmonizers and that its range can be extended by using the included Environmental Clearing CD. Research has shown that it has an enormous positive impact in communities.

People really love tools made from this measurement and feel it encompasses the other two. It comes with a 1/2 Empowerment Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring with 1 bead that you can put it in overnight on occasion to clear it.

Our Empowerment Cubit Energy Harmonizer is called the Community Harmonizer. It is in the Agricultural size 24K gold plated. This Harmonizer measures about 12 cm H x 12.5 cm W.


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